What is brand positioning, and how does it play into that marketing strategy?

Brand positioning is one of the most significant elements to measure the success of a business marketing strategy.

But, What is brand positioning, and how does it play into that marketing strategy?

The short answer to this question is the relationship between the company, or service offer, and the consumer or customer.

If carefully planned and measured, any small business can see tangible results with their marketing efforts.

However, there are misconceptions about advertising, marketing, and brand positioning. Some business owners may not be familiar with these concepts, for one.

Typically, these elements can be boiled down to the following mediums that everyone should look into when starting a business:

• Logo design
• Web page
• Having a presence on social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others
• Advertising in magazines or newspapers
• Printing shirts or other “swag” items — such as tote bags, pencils and pens, cups, and more — with your company’s logo
• Handing out and posting flyers with pertinent information
• Graphic design to help disseminate your services and products

The list can go on, and as extremely important these may be, they represent just single pieces of the larger puzzle that must be considered when we look at marketing, advertising, and brand positioning.

For a marketing campaign to succeed, it is vital to emphasize the message you are trying to communicate to your potential customers and clients. In addition to that, study the market. Understand the history of the brand or service needs in your audience. If the information is unavailable, you can conduct simple surveys to review competitors and understand the culture, customs, and practices of the target market.

Once you have obtained this information, you must complete a series of statistical calculations that give you a means and criterion to indicate the correct direction of the market.

Another good practice that is very important to do is to meet with customers and make a brand brief. This gives you the opportunity to set the tone of the message or voice, color psychology, and iconography, to name a few objectives. It is also very important to humanize the brand to have a clear understanding of how the brand were to behave if it were human.

At this point, once all the data has been collected, it is time to sit down and carry out a marketing strategy to advertising to gain healthy brand positioning. This is an exact science. At RGVision Media, we have the experience and expertise to recognize what will work. As an account-based marketing firm, we can select the correct channels to distribute the message of your brand, such as social networks, websites, logos, billboard ads, or magazine ads.

Do you understand your own company’s brand positioning? What about your business marketing strategy — is it something you feel confident will bring customers in the door? RGVision Media can help. Give us a call at (956) 379-6017 today to set up a free consultation.

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