We Thrive on Execution and Results

Interview with Laura Gonzalez, The Loretto at Mission

RGVision Media is determined to bring results to their customers. We’re a small business advertising agency that works diligently to help you reach your marketing goals. Our aim is to help you communicate your ideas, products, and services to the your target audience. We have worked with a number of clients who have experienced a difference when working with us and have enjoyed the results we are able to provide.

When Laura Gonzalez, owner of The Loretto at Mission, was asked what she thought of our marketing services she boldly and earnestly responded by saying the quality of the work provided has exceeded her expectations, and that by being professional she feels more at ease to discuss her specific ideas. Our goal is to execute what she desires to be seen in her online presence. RGVision Media, being the second marketing firm she’s worked with, has been a more positive experience for Gonzalez. She contently assured the team she loved how we always made ourselves available to answer any questions she had and that she saw us as long term business partners. It’s been the best experience I’ve had with a vendor in a long time,” Gonzalez said.  

“I’m so glad for choosing you all because you can tell you all are doing your work. The communication is good, if I send anything to Gwyn right away she’s sending stuff back, so it’s just wonderful. I feel as a customer what I’m saying is important,” added Gonzalez when asked about communication with the RGVision Media team.

Despite the favorable outcome of working closely with our clients, some customers still wonder “why pay so much for marketing?”

Gonzalez can already see a difference in sales after only 2 months of our services. “Our sales have been going up and I know it has a lot to do with some of the marketing that’s been going on already,” she said. “It’s hard for a small business owner to give money every month

[for marketing]…But now I realize it’s well worth it! It’s really exciting. It’s creative, and it’s something new and so I just have only good things to say,” Gonzalez added.

After hearing all the wonderful payoffs of investing in marketing with us one might wonder  “what exactly are they doing?” RGVision has put together a list of three things that we believe help a marketing or advertising agency see real customer driven results. These are the things that act as the fuel to our fully functioning marketing machine.  

  1. Measurability– marketing goals: are they being met? Has there been improvement? Is there developed brand awareness? Alongside iterative testing and strategizing, here’s a small table of things we take full consideration of before, during and after marketing with RGVision Media.
Things to MeasureHow to tell there’s a difference?
Brand Awareness Traffic, page views, familiarity with the product or place, new customers, video views, page views, downloads, referrals, social chatter
Engagement Social media likes, shares,  post clicks, downloads, page visits, comments.
SalesHave sales improved? Online sales/in store sales.
Awareness Are people familiar will the new products, sales, are customers up-to-date? And do they feel a sense of being “in the know” of what’s going on with the business.
  1. Togetherness- We invest time into getting to know the client’s company or product. We want to familiarize ourselves with your vision. This means spending time talking to you, and getting to know your ideas and desires. We also welcome and encourage togetherness within the company walls. We recognize that a team who works together well is going to create products that combine everyone’s best ideas for something truly impactful. Togetherness in the office builds a solid working culture. Understanding a knowing our coworkers brings personality and humanizes the office. Rather than having coworkers drift by each other like ships at port, we get to engage with one another’s character. It is only on that level where co-workers can relate to one another. This ignites CREATIVITY!
  2. Impact– Our goal is to have a long lasting effect on current and future clients of your business. We want people who come across your ads, videos, website, or social media page to remember what they saw. This will help create the greatest results. This means understanding your clientele and customizing strategies that cater to your market specifically. We also only deliver QUALITY products, with lots of time invested into each customer. Having multiple people working for RGVision Media means having the time to invest in our customers with less stress.  

We love our clients, and we hope to see other local businesses thrive. We hope that you, as an entrepreneur, would consider expanding your business in a very real way and visit us to see how we can be long lasting partners.

Gabe Puente

CEO of RGVision Media


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