Talking Digital Makeovers with a Social Media Manager

Are you happy with your business’ online presence?

The first thing you need to understand about social media is that it’s very new in the field for businesses that want to market themselves to a specific demographic, especially in the Rio Grande Valley. From what I’ve seen, a lot of local businesses treat their business pages as a personal social media account, which could be turning away potential customers. RGVision Media is here to help them represent their business the right way, and as a social media manager I am the person who will be directly reaching your targeted demographic.

A social media manager’s job is more involved than creating facebook or twitter posts for you. We help you find not only your target demographic, but also your voice; we help you hone in your brand and reach those people you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach with your message, products, or services.

We can start from scratch, where we create a brand new account and set it up so you’re immediately reaching your target demographic. If you already have a social media account that isn’t getting much traction, we can take over and give that social media campaign a makeover. This means putting out new, relevant, and engaging material for potential customers to see and appreciate, and ensuring that the back end is optimized so it’s reaching the right audience.

The cool thing about working with RGVision Media is that we can create original content for your business. We can do anything from high quality photography, videography (even drone footage) and written content such as blogs, interview transcriptions, and testimonials.

You can use all this material to promote your business outside of what we’re doing to manage your social media accounts; for example, if you want to share it to your website or use it as an advertisement, you don’t have to hire a creative team to create a new spot.  The work we produce for you is yours to do with as you please.

A Partnership for Mutual Success

We like to work together with our clients because we share the same goal: growing your business’ presence. The more active the page is, the faster it will grow. Your growth is a measure of our success, which we share with you in the form of analytic data on a regular basis.

For this reason, it’s key for the business to be as involved in this project as we are. We have a very comprehensive system in which the client we’re working with has access to their accounts at all times, and we’re in close communication so they will know ahead of time what topics we’re covering through the posts – even when they’re going up. If the business owner wants to promote something not in the agreed-upon plan, they can just call us up and lets us know to implement that new campaign on the spot.

The one aspect of social media we don’t manage for our clients is direct messages,  as the business owner or employees tend to know more details of their business and prefer to handle that internally. However, if I see that a message has not been responded to in a timely manner by the business owner or employee co-managing the account, I’ll give them a call and make them aware that a potential client is trying to reach them.

You want to be able to be reached through digital mediums because that’s the way the world is going now. People are more inclined to send a typed message than to pick up the phone and call to a business. If you have more direct avenues to communicate with people you will see more responses.

Expanding a social media page can be hard for certain businesses to do on their own, but social media in this day and age is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you are; you want to have online presence, whether it’s social media accounts or you go the extra mile and have a full website. RGVision Media can help you with all aspects of your online presence. Contact us today (210) 618-8930 or email


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