Social media surpasses the coronavirus impact

Staying connected is vital in today’s society.
Despite the fact that there are divided opinions regarding the use of social network platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, among others. But now, with nearly the entire world challenged by the unprecedented emergency situation presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of social networks has been immeasurably useful by both individuals and businesses.

Social networks not only keep us connected with family and friends. They also have the ability to keep us informed of news and events as they occur.
In a situation of social isolation, where many local businesses have been forced to scale back their operations, adapt to regulations, or even partially close their doors to the public, social networks are vital to maintaining their brand and services.

Thanks to social networks, businesses that are temporarily closed can still continue to position their brand, informing people, offering services, and showing their presence through different social media channels.

The importance of having a marketing agency behind these efforts is crucial — not only because the agency must be constantly monitoring the information, but also because they can provide the right voice and tone to the business they represent while continuing to pursue a strategy. 

It is critical that, in times like these, business publish accurate and up-to-date information without alarming people or misinforming them. When making the decision to hire a marketing agency, it is a good idea to review the values, work ethic, and quality demonstrated in these sensitive issues.

RGVision Media has worked hard in its efforts to keep social media users informed in a responsible way through our platforms and networks — and through the channels of the clients we represent.

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