SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO & Digital Marketing

The topic of SEO is everywhere—popping up in digital ads and filling up your junk mail box. But what is it exactly? SEO—search engine optimization—is nothing new.

“In theory, it serves the same advertising opportunity Yellow Pages had back in the day, as it was the main source for contacting vendors and service providers. The more you paid, the bigger advertisement you had to attract consumers, and the better chances you had to gain more calls,” explains Gabe Puente, CEO of RGVision Media. “Take a competitive field like attorneys, for example,” Puente elaborates, “in the phonebook days, they would buy that $2,000 ad on the back cover of the book because everybody got one. Otherwise, you would just be listed in small black print alphabetically.”

So, how does a business get that “back cover” exposure now?

By improving the search engine optimization of your business’s digital storefront—your website—to make sure your ranking is high on search engines. When people are searching for goods or services in their area, they use a search engine. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are all common examples, with Google being the most popular. Now the entire world wide web is the competition, and a common do-it-yourself option to boost your ranking is through Google Adwords Express. With Adwords, you can choose your target demographic, based on location and interests. You can select what you want these potential customers to do: call, visit website, etc. Once these steps are completed, Google Adwords will give you a price range based on how much other businesses in the same field are paying.

“A personal injury attorney could end up paying, on the high end, $2600 a month to get their name to a top ranking in McAllen, Texas,” says Puente. Of course, this can vary from industry to industry and market to market. For some it may only be $200 a month, he adds.

In short, Google Adwords Express is a simple, quick fix. However, the moment you stop paying for this service, your website’s ranking is completely pulled and back where it started—at the bottom.

At RGVision Media, we offer a quality, long-term solution. We help our clients’ SEO grow organically, through the backend. We achieve this by regularly posting new content on social media pages, writing and updating blogs, and recording and uploading original videos. This is all news to Google’s search engine because your website is generating new content on a regular basis, and it’s relevant—getting views and attention on social media pages. This is what will help your website’s presence grow, and boost your SEO.

“If you Google ‘magazine in the Rio Grande Valley,’ our publication RGVision Magazine is the first result that shows. We have never paid for Adwords and we are at the top. This is because we have almost nine years of our website constantly publishing new content from our magazine,” Puente explains.

Depending on your field, it can take up to a few years to get your website ranked at the top of Google search pages, but you’ll find the investment is worth it. After all, slow and steady wins the race.

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