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  • Short videos/Commercials – You see them on TV; you know the selling power of commercials. People today are used to short videos: Vine, YouTube, and Snapchat have all prepared your potential clients for media that is shorter than 30 seconds. We produce these so you can shine.
  • Corporate Videos – Having a company training video can save time, establish systems and protocols, and serve as a reinforcement of company values.
  • Concept Creation – Coming up with a creative, engaging concept for the video can be a challenge, but Vision Media Group is up to the task. We brainstorm until we have the best concept before moving forward.
  • Storyboarding – We plan our videos step by step, scene by scene. This allows us to plan the flow of the video and make changes before editing. You are as involved in this process as you wish to be!
  • Script-writing – We have skilled writers on staff to develop a realistic, engaging dialogue for your videos. We will work with you to ensure we have the proper tone and message.
  • Voice-overs – After developing a strong concept, storyboard, and script, it is time to start recording.! It’s always a great idea to put a face to a company, but we understand if you’re camera-shy. We can record voice-overs to infuse an element of yourself into the commercial – or record ourselves if your schedule does not allow for that.
  • Editing, color correction – We’re perfectionists. We do not allow lower-quality videos to make their way online. Quality-control for us involves color, audio and syncing, among others.
  • Filming – Having the right equipment can certainly facilitate projects. We are fully equipped to record your video, from cameras to lights.
  • Talent/location Scouting – Finding the right people and place for shooting can also be difficult if you’ve never done it before. Don’t settle for whoever’s around or what’s closest – let us find you the perfect talent and scene.