Project Description


  • Drafting and distributing press releases – You don’t have to wait for news outlets to pick up the story of your recent developments. Let us write it up, distribute it, and watch interest in your company grow.
  • Writing articles on behalf of your organization – Getting published is an exciting way to provide detailed information about your area of expertise. Your content solidifies your reputation as an expert in your field. We will work with you to write, edit, and publish articles you will be proud to see in your readers’ hands.
  • Preparing interview questions – Don’t feel nervous about upcoming interviews. We will help prep you with a mock interview and prepared questions so you know exactly what to say when the time comes.
  • Organizing, prepping and facilitating interviews – Scheduling can be a huge headache when you are trying to organize interviews or meetings with multiple people. We’re patient and determined to get you time with the people you need to talk to.
  • Creating press kits – A press kit is a must for any business planning to interact with the media. A press kit contains all the information you want the public to know, so you don’t have to answer the same questions to multiple media platforms.
  • Boosting a targeted media list – If you spent time, money, and energy producing a video, article, campaign or publication, chances are you want it to be seen. We can boost that targeted media to the right demographics to ensure you get the most views possible.