Project Description

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Your company image is very important, as it delivers first impressions to potential clients and enforces your relationship with existing ones. A brand that is recognized, trusted, and loved doesn’t just come into being – it is a crafted idea that we can help you hone in on. Vision Media has a team of graphic designers with the eye for visual communication that can help every aspect of your company reinforce your brand.

  • Flyers – Staple of (and stapled to) bulletin boards, flyers share short-term information with passer-by’s. A poorly designed flyer may actually dissuade a person from engaging with it, and thus not only fails in its mission to inform, but does nothing to advance your business goals. Let our graphic design team keep that from happening to you.
  • Calendars – Company calendars make great welcome gifts for new clients and employees, and are an opportunity to showcase 12 large images your clients will see year-round. You can also use calendars to fundraise.
  • Branded Stationery – When your company sends out a letter, memo, or package, the delivery itself could spark interest in the recipient.
  • Brochures – Consumers are already used to seeing informational brochures. Use the familiarity with the format to your advantage. We can design beautiful brochures.
  • Direct Marketing Collateral- Reach your customers directly at their homes. If you have a mailing list already, we can help you use that to remind your customers to come in.
  • Exhibition Stands – Events, expo’s, exhibitions are all great places to put your business in a position to interact with the public and potential customers. A personalized, branded stand will attract people to your booth so you can make your winning pitch.
  • Banners – Imagine your company logo fifteen feet wide, loudly announcing your presence to the world. A banner gives your company visibility and is a must for booths at events.
  • Promotional & Corporate Gifts – There is no act that goes as far in the world of business as a sincere thank you. We can prepare gifts for your esteemed clients, and promotional give-aways to put your brand in peoples’ hands.
  • Logo Design – A strong logo is memorable and can be a selling point for a product in itself. Think, for example, about the desirability of some brands based on the name alone. Your company could be missing out on a way to convince potential clients. Let us design, re-design, or update your logo.