Personalize your content’s message

One of the most pleasant courtesies when interacting with others is when someone remembers your name. This is no trade secret; countless chapters in sales and business literature have been written that place great emphasis on this tip.

This kind of tactic creates closeness and familiarity with your audience and is a way to personalize your message.

How can we use this kind of strategy in the world of marketing?

An efficient way to personalize your content’s message to a large audience can be achieved the following way:

Use the name of your clients in each of your email blasts. Clients are 25% more likely to open an email that includes their name as opposed to simple, impersonal salutations like “Dear Recipient.”

You can also personalize reports and analytics of web traffic and social media data by including their name, and if a business, their company logo and color scheme.

You can also make clients feel seen and appreciated by rewarding them with some sort of recognition. And you don’t need to break the bank; even small tokens of appreciation make them feel important.

Remembering to add a personal touch to all your interactions with clients help build and maintain an open, healthy relationship with your customers. This can yield more success for their marketing campaigns in the long run by creating positive communication between your company and its customers.     

Paying attention to the little details can take your company to the next level.

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