Office Leasing


WiFi and Data Access Points
Printer/Copier and Fax Machine
IT Support
Cleaning Crew
Common Area Coffee Shop
Podcast Room
Conference Room
Telephone Line
40 Parking Spaces
Mailbox Services
Security Cameras
Networking &
Leadership Events

General Info

This unbelievable 6225 Sq.​ Ft.​ facility is located in the heart of downtown McAllen.​ With forty parking spaces and a shared coffee shop, the building lends itself as a perfect location for small businesses and consultants who are looking for an office and space to meet with clients.​ The modern industrial feel is to promote the grit needed in business in the pursuit of success.​ There are hints of the building that look unfinished, which is intentional, showing the ongoing work in progress in life and in business.​ The space has been built for professionals and entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to network and share their knowledge and experience, while leveraging the resources and relationships the building offers with it’s co-working atmosphere.​ Here are just a few of the current amenities: Common area coffee shop, Podcast room, Conference rooms, Lobby, Security Cameras, multimedia connections, Data access points, Cleaning crew, Business-Leadership-entrepreneurship events.​

Building Walkthrough

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