Interview with the Experts

In order to become the authority on your business’s products or services, a good marketing strategy is to periodically invite experts in the field to share information. This serves to generate trust, recognition, and good information for your followers on both your website and social networks.

This not only helps build a good reputation for the expertise of your brand, but you can also become an official and reliable source for your audience while simultaneously answering the many questions that your followers may have.

Inviting these experts gives a new, fresh look, voice, and contemporary timeliness to your business instead of you being the sole producer of content of your brand, products, and services.
The external voices of experts help validate your efforts and are an important point of support that reinforce any claims you’ve made regarding your brand, products, and services.
Whether in the form of a podcast, blog, or video, any company should consider this technique to add an extra edge to your marketing strategy.

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