Hindsight is 2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus has forced business owners to reevaluate their marketing plan. COVID-19, as awful as the situation has been, has served the interesting purpose of highlighting their marketing strengths and weaknesses.
For businesses that had to close, that meant that they were forced to rethink whether posting on social media was still relevant and timely for their followers given that they didn’t have services to offer.
For businesses that were able to remain open, they needed to make sure that the scope of their products and services were communicated clearly so that they could continue to retain customers.
Regardless, social media account managers had the responsibility to spread messages of hope and encouragement rather than adding to their communities’ fear and anxiety. This requires tact, research of current events, and an understanding of your target audience.
If your social media presence and know-how weren’t up-to-date, the middle of an economic crisis when you’re likely just worried about your employees, your bottom line, and your family is not the time to prepare. If you weren’t prepared to leverage your business before, you certainly knew it once your business was affected by COVID-19.
So, now that we’re opening back up, what have you learned about your business’s social media usage? Did you post enough? Too much? Did your posts add value to your followers? Do you know how to determine this?
A major part of online analytics and Instagram and Facebook insights is being able understanding your current demographic. Without understanding your target demographic, the majority of your marketing plan is a shot in the dark.
The information that is essential to pinpoint about your audience is the following:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Interests
  • Income
  • Education
  • Geographic location
Once you’ve nailed down this information, it gives you a better picture of what their expectations might be, areas that you can stop pouring money into, and a clearer path for who and how to market to potential.
It’s not always easy to understand who your audience is, and it’s often overwhelming to sift through hundreds of analytics trying to figure that out. That’s when it can be helpful to have an outside digital marketing help you take a look and point you in the right direction.
If you don’t know where to start, we have a qualified team to help get you going.

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