Financial Relief for RGV Small Businesses Makes New Websites Possible

Having to adapt time and time again to implement the latest changes and adhere to the protocols in place by the CDC, small businesses in the RGV have shown great resilience. With curfews and advisories to shelter in place, people are turning to their mobile devices for information and updates more than ever before. Whether you are in the restaurant, retail, or fitness industry, keeping your audience updated is crucial during these times.

One of the constants across the board is the need to communicate with your audience where they’re at the most — online. Having updated information on your website to keep your clients in the loop is essential at this time. Don’t have one yet? Now is the perfect time to get one.

Why Do I Need a Website?

RGVision Media CEO Gabe Puente speaks to the importance of having a website for your small business. “We like to call websites your digital storefront —  people base their decision-making skills regarding your products and services online and if you don’t have your website, it’s very difficult for your potential customer to connect with you,” he says. “Who better to get that information out there than you, the business-owner and expert in your own field?”

With a proven track record of successful websites under our belt, RGVision is committed to helping your business put its best foot forward with a clear message for your community. Small businesses are the bread and butter of our communities and we want to help by optimizing your exposure and presence online.

Help is Here

In addition to the SBA rolling out funding programs to assist small businesses overcoming challenges caused by the current health crisis, local Economic Development Corporations have also stepped up to the plate.

Mission and Harlingen businesses eligible for financial relief may use the newly acquired funds (detailed below) for several different purposes, one of them being short-term marketing campaigns. Short-term marketing campaigns are typically used to promote sales, products, and services offered within the next 12 months. One of the tools vital to this method is that of actually having a website set up to begin with.

What do the Programs Offer?

Harlingen EDC came up with a program called Harlingen HELP that assists qualifying small businesses with interest free loans of up to $10,000. Small business owners may use these funds for any ordinary costs of doing business as outlined in their program guidelines.

The goal of the Mission CARES Grants program is to qualify local businesses in the City of Mission with relief from any losses incurred due to COVID-19. Small businesses may qualify for up to $7,000 depending on several factors.

Raudel Garza, Harlingen CEO, is excited to be able to provide the community with this help during these trying times. “The reaction to the program has been very positive, and there have been many tears of joy, virtual hugs and high-fives,” he said.

Contact Us

If your Harlingen or Mission small business has been affected by the current health crisis, do not hesitate to apply for the financial assistance being offered by your city’s EDC. There are several resources available to small businesses that could help you get through this. For more information on how we could assist with the development of your website, give us a call at 956-379-6017 or email us at

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