Explain it!

Explainer videos are a great way to attract new customers and the reason is very simple. In addition to being visually appealing, they are designed so that the audience knows your business, products or services in a short period of time.
To make a good explanatory video there is a certain criteria that you must consider:
What is the product or service you want to promote? 
Having a clear idea of this will facilitate the process in the following steps and you will be able to segment information in case you require another video in the future.
Who is your target market? 
Knowing who this video is aimed at is vital for it to be a success or failure, this will help you determine the style of language, colors, etc.
What specific problem are you solving?
Present a problem as well as the solution to the problem. People respond well to this type of approach.
What are the 3 most key benefits?
Describe in your product or service the 3 key qualities that will help to solve the problem mentioned above.
How does your product or service work?
Give a simple breakdown of how your product works; getting too technical leaves room for questions.
What is the tone of the video? 
This will depend a lot on your target market when choosing the tone and language of how to present the narrative of the video.
Don’t forget to have a call action. If you already have your video ready, trying to engage with your audience will yield better results.

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