Don’t Leave Me on Read

Making sure to interact with followers on social networks in a timely manner is crucial for the reputation and ultimately the income of your business.

Even If you’ve already done market research, put systems in place to promote your products or services, are consistent with brand awareness marketing, and are actively educating and adding value for your followers, your efforts go to waste if you leave potential customers hanging without a response to their comments and messages.

We recommend having an internal staff member who is tasked with dedicated monitoring of your social channels. Customers who are interested in your products or services often don’t have the time to wait for a response or they view poor response times as a reflection of the quality of service they can expect from your company. There’s also a chance that you’re not the only company they’re posing questions to, and they’ll go with the company that gets back to them the fastest. If you don’t answer in an efficient and timely manner, you might as well kiss that lead goodbye.

This simple rule of thumb is not exclusive to social networks or even just on the Internet. It’s applied across the board all over the world, no matter the economy, and customers rely on quick answers from businesses where supply and demand are at play.

So put this information to work, and make sure to frequently check your notifications on your social media channels. You’ll see a big difference in how your leads become clients.

Social Media