Custom Logo Design for Greater Impact

The importance of having an effective, aesthetic, and professional logo for your business is one of the first requirements to have a successful brand from a marketing point of view.

The use of archetypes and line drawings to represent our ideas originate with the dawn of humanity and continue into our present day. Humans express ourselves through depictions and graphics for posterity as well as to transmit contemporary knowledge and convey association with particular ideologies.

This practice has been in place since the times of the caveman all the way through great civilizations such as the Egyptians and Mayans and modern-day society.

Why have these simple drawings and symbols stuck around? Because they are effective.

Currently, the trend is to have simple, clean, and subtle logos that stand out and solidly represent the brand. This look makes you recognizable, and sends the message that you are present and accessible.

This leads us to the following question: What elements should a logo have in order to be effective?

The answer is isn’t actually an answer; it’s more questions – at first. Marketing agencies must carry out a series of detailed studies to obtain which look is the best fit for your brand, services offered, and potential market. A good marketing agency can help by asking the right questions, such as:

What is your industry, and who are your clients?
What is the main message you want to convey to your clients?
What is the voice and persona of the company?

The creation of a logo is much more than a nice looking symbol. Its design must be taken seriously and be well-informed by the psychology of the reader and the psychology of colors in addition to what we find out from our above questions. The designer must also pay attention to the smallest details, from shapes and curves, selection of fonts, iconography, depth, orientation, and more.

Creating a logo for a company is a very important responsibility. Any small direction or change in the design will be seen potentially by millions of people and will create an impact on those who see it.

Make sure that whoever you choose to design your new logo is qualified and aware of this impact for the sake of your business.

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