About us

RGVision Media was founded to support the goals of small business’ marketing efforts. As a full service advertising agency, RGVision Media has the capacity, tools, and experience to help build your brand, design an effective marketing strategy, and create digital platforms for your business. And now, with the help of its sister company www.virtualmediaplanner.com, RGVision Media can assist in media buying to effectively execute your advertising campaign. At RGVision Media we pride ourselves in, not only producing great products and services, but also executing on the ideas and delivering.

It is our mission to ensure you have the best team to help you develop and execute a marketing strategy that will boost your brand.
Integrity and credibility are two core values of RGVision media. It is our obligation to provide excellence in everything we do. We believe the true art of what we do is behind the scenes and those who appreciate the art will notice.
We promise to provide the highest quality product and professional service to help promote your business.

Our Values


We’re your media experts.
Let us guide you to the solution that serves you best.
Your company’s direction shouldn’t be dictated by an agency.
Vision Media works at your side until we meet your every expectation.


We take all clients.
There is no company “too small” to promote.
When you’re a small company, any media promotion helps.
Vision Media will help you grow your presence, attracting more customers to your business.


The virtual agency model works for you.

Ultra-convenient and personal, but cost-effective.
We work on any scale.
Flexible with our time, pricing, and team so you only pay for the services you need.


Together, we will grow.
You have something to say – we’re passionate about making it shine.
We know this region.
We explore opportunities to promote a vision of success for the RGV.

Meet the Team

Gabriel Puente
Gabriel PuenteCEO/Publisher
Gwyn Della Croce
Gwyn Della CroceContent Manager
Dominique Y. Zmuda
Dominique Y. Zmuda Graphic Designer/Illustrator
Omar Diaz
Omar DiazAssistant Digital Strategist
Dante Tuexi
Dante TuexiDigital Manager

Vision Media Services

Vision Media Group is equipped to offer a wide array of services to you. The Vision creative team will help you communicate directly to your desired audience to get the results you are looking for when marketing your business, brand, or product. Whether you are just starting your marketing plan or want to develop an existing one, we have many ways to help you grow.

Why Choose Us

      • We have a proven track record of helping clients increase their revenues, and some have tripled their growth after utilizing RGVision Media group.
      • The RGVision Media team is involved in all aspects of the marketing plan for our clients. Once RGVision Mieda is hired by a client we all start working for you and everyone at RGVision Media plays a role in your success. We care about your success on a personal level…. if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. We are a strong diversified team to assist on all levels of marketing strategy.
      • Clients reach out to us with services they’re not being successful in communicating to their customers or programs that they really want to push.
      • We love brainstorming ideas to make sure that your customers know about your latest offers and programs. We come up with new ways to highlight different services through social media for you to see results.

Our Client’s Stories

“We offer a lot of services at Plaza and we were understaffed; the people we had were more focused on our operations and soccer so we didn’t have anyone with the expertise in graphic design and social media that we were needing. We were having some problems in the way we were communicating with our customers; we felt that we were not reaching out to them in the way that we wanted to. We were not able to tell them exactly what we wanted to say about our programs, our vision, and about our mission here in the Valley.  We thought that the best solution to that would be having our own magazine which we would distribute Valley-wide. In addition to producing the magazine, the Vision team provides several services for us. We started initially with Vision handling our graphic design and social media, then our website and our photographs. Our facility requires a lot of attention to pictures, since we have so many events and tournaments going on.”

Watch their story

Alma Caso, Plaza Sports Center