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“We offer a lot of services at Plaza and we were understaffed; the people we had were more focused on our operations and soccer so we didn’t have anyone with the expertise in graphic design and social media that we were needing. We were having some problems in the way we were communicating with our customers; we felt that we were not reaching out to them in the way that we wanted to…” Alma Caso, CEO Plaza Sports Center

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Execution is everything!

Vision Media is a small business advertising agency that works diligently to help you reach your marketing goals. Let us help you communicate your products and services to the right people. We have worked with a number of clients who have experienced a difference when working with us and have enjoyed the results we are able to provide.

Here are some highlights of the services our small business advertising agency provided other small business’. The data percentage bars are rankers on the highlighted services we have been able to offer clients. small business advertising agency small business advertising agency small business agency

Plaza Sports Center jumped gained 3,971 likes in a year. 100%
They now reach an average of 3869 people per post a year. 86%
Garnered a total of 213,355 Video views. 92%
Garnered 142,483 page views, and 14,000+ unique users in a website 100%
Their website has had 32,000+ sessions, 17, 585 (organic) 100%


We are not satisfied until our clients are satisfied with what we’ve done for them. We don’t just want to meet expectations – we want to show off our best work to help small business advertise. There is nothing our advertising agency loves more than hearing that we’ve made our clients and their customers happy. Vision Media Group is a small business advertising agency that would like to share with you some of our client’s experiences working with us.

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Alex Meade – Mission EDC.

“I started working with Mission EDC about four years ago, and since the day I joined we brought in the Vision team to help us with our advertising needs and some of our graphic design. In fact, when we first created our program Ruby Red Ventures, it was the Vision team that actually helped us design the ads for the magazine. Most recently we’ve been able to utilize their versatility for video and other production needs. I think as a whole the group is very unique in the way they promote and offer their services.”  Watch their story

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Susan Valverde – Sylvan Learning Center.

“There’s a level of professionalism and skill and also a quick turnaround on projects which is really important with media, but also a good deal of patience with the work so that quality’s not affected when we try to do something quickly. That’s been very impressive.”  Watch their story

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Alex Martinez – Garcia & Martinez Law Firm.

“Our law firm was a very traditional law firm, that had not yet tapped into the online and more technological ways of marketing ourselves. We sought out Vision Media to obtain that advantage that some of the other lawfirms did not have. We felt that the whole team had the skills and resources to give us what we needed and we ended up really happy. Everyone was very professional and the product was of very high quality.”  Watch their story

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