5 Social Media Tips From a Graphic Designer

A few posts back, we discussed the importance of social media for your business. To recap, having a strong online presence:

  • Grows your business’s reach, increasing foot traffic and sales.
  • Reaches your target demographic.
  • Establishes your business’s voice and expertise in the community.

However, actively posting on Facebook alone isn’t a guarantee for success. Posting too many times a day, sharing irrelevant content, and/or uploading low quality images (resolution or aesthetically speaking), can easily do more damage than good. Furthermore, having an inconsistent voice and branding can confuse potential customers, driving them away. Every item you post contributes to your overall image, and your overall image should accurately reflect your company’s vision and mission.

So, what does quality, consistent, relevant content look like? We spoke with graphic designer Mariela Peña from our creative marketing team at RGVision for some expert insight.

Why is it important to have attractive graphics for social media marketing?

“It increases your business’s legitimacy when people see well-designed graphics on your social media page that reflect your company’s brand,” Peña explains. Think about your favorite brands that you follow on Facebook or Instagram, she adds. Do you ever see them post blurry photos taken in poor lighting? Or using cliché fonts like Comic Sans or Curlz? Probably not. “Your social media pages are like other employees you send out there in the world to represent your company, how would you like them to be dressed?” Sharp, stylish and up-to-date is what you’re looking for. “You always have to put your best foot forward, even on social media.” she says.

Do you have any tips for those who are trying to DIY?

1. Choose a color scheme and stick to it.

“A brand’s color scheme should range from 2 to 5 different colors,” explains Peña. If you don’t know where to start, look around! Inspiration is everywhere. Go to a store, look at packaging that attracts your attention, and take note. Adobe has a helpful site called Kuler that offers a library of color scheme suggestions, she adds.

2. High quality photos are a MUST.

Use a good quality camera—most of the time the iPhone camera does the trick. Don’t get carried away with filters or intensive photo tuning apps, they only cheapen the quality of the photo. The key is to use good lighting. “You don’t necessarily need professional lighting, natural light is always good,” Peña says.

3. Pay attention to size.

“Make sure the size of the photo is large enough to post. If you’re posting a 20×20 pixel photo it will be extremely pixelated, so don’t do that. Familiarize yourself with the dimensions needed for a facebook banner or post,” explains Peña.

4. Font selection is important.

“Even if these fonts are a personal preference, a reliable rule of thumb is to stay away from whacky or themed type like Comic Sans, Curlz, Joker, Papyrus, and Hobo,” she says. Don’t type a full sentence in an extravagant script font—it’s illegible. Don’t use more that 2 to 3 fonts in one image. “Make sure things are aligned with each other, give yourself enough space around the text and the edge of the image, etc.

Mastering these skills takes a large amount of time and practice. Hiring a professional will save time, and spare your social media audience from watching your learning curve play itself out in the public eye. Whether you stick to the DIY method or hire professional help, a quality social media presence is key to growing your business.

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